I’m open for questions, suggestions, ideas or other feedback you want to share. To contact me, you can open an issue on my GitHub repository (preferred).

Alternatively, you can find me on Twitter. Either mention me in a new tweet, or send me a DM if you prefer to discuss things in private.

If you’re wondering why I’m not sharing an e-mail address, that’s because I learned from that. I initially started out with a public e-mail address, but 99% of the conversations were spam. Then I moved on to a comment section, but yet again, it was abused by spam.

After that, I decided to move my comments to Disqus. Things were working out smoothly, but then they decided that your privacy is worth nothing, and loaded ads and various trackers.

Finally, I used some contact form on my blog, but guess what, that also got abused by spammers.

I could install some fancy captchas, but after giving it some thoughts, I decided I wouldn’t be. Considering that most people trying to contact me are developers, and many developers have a GitHub profile, using GitHub issues seem to be the best solution… for now.