About me

My name is Dimitri Mestdagh. I’m a 29 year old web developer and software engineer from Antwerp, Belgium. I was fascinated with technology quite early when I got my first computer running on Windows Me with 64Mb of RAM. I spent a large portion of my youth on IRC, eventually getting introduced to programming by writing scripts for mIRC, spending various hours programming my CASIO Graph 65 and learning Pascal during high school.

Curently I’m:

Technologies I use

I’ve learned various programming languages over the years, such as C#, PHP, COBOL, Pascal, Oberon, C, Java, JavaScript, … . However, right now my expertise and interest lies in Java and frameworks such as Spring, but I’m also interested in front-end technologies like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and libraries like Angular, jQuery, React and Dojo Toolkit.
I’m not really a book-guy, when I want to learn something new, I’ll start by practicing first, rather than learning the theory. Learning new technologies is like learning how to ride a bike. You practice, fail, get back up and repeat.

Why I’m blogging

I started writing articles to document what I did during my internship at Cronos and what technologies I used. While documenting is still one of the reasons I’m still writing new articles, it’s no longer the driving force behind them. Right now, writing articles is a great way for me to keep exploring the wondrous world of the web and to be able to share my view with the rest of the world. Hopefully other people with the same interests will find these articles interesting or helpful. I also hope that others can help me to even extend my vision, so feel free to comment or mail me with suggestions, ideas, opinions or chain letters (no, the last one isn’t true!).

How did you come up with your name

Well, my real name is a bit too long and since I spent a large portion of my youth on IRC, I had to come up with a username, in my case it actually started as a joke. My parents are not really tech-savvy, and I once saw my dad asking Google questions like “can you please tell me what the results are of the latest football matches”, so I came up with “google newbie” and since I came up with this when leetspeak was popular, it eventually became g00glen00b.

Spare time

When I’m not writing new blog articles, I’m usually spending my time with my 8 year old little sister aka godchild. In other cases I also enjoy watching movies, series and anime. I’m not a die-hard-bingewatcher though, but I can enjoy certain mainstream anime and series such as The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist, … . I also like playing games once in awhile, usually shooters, but I’m also a fan of playing MMORPGs.

Contact me

Feel free to contact me on Keybase or Twitter, you can find links to various social networks in the footer.