šŸ‘‹ Hey there, I'm Dimitri

I'm a full-stack developer who likes testing out new and interesting frameworks and blogging about them. I prefer working with Java and JavaScript.

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Using JSON with Gatsby

5 min read

Earlier, we’ve seen how we can use the gatsby-source-wordpress plugin to retrieve blog posts using the WordPress API. In this tutorial, we’ll explore another possible source of information that Gatsby can use, such as JSON.


Why Iā€™m no longer contributing to Stack Overflow

5 min read

Over the last seven years, I’ve been answering questions on Stack Overflow. I’ve answered more than 700 questions which helped 2 million developers. Additionally, I’ve flagged, reviewed and edited a few thousand posts, in order to maintain the site’s quality. Maintaining the site is not an easy task, as interests between maintainers and the rest […]